We are Thomson Screening

Thomson Screening is the leading supplier of software for health needs assessments, immunisations, health screening and associated data management. The company was formed in 2011 by a spin-out from City, University of London. It had been created to commercialise the work of Professor David Thomson, of the University’s Department of Optometry.

Today, the company’s products address healthcare, education and workplace needs around the world. This includes diverse customers including the NHS in the UK, non-profit organisations in the USA and NGOs in developing countries. 

SchoolScreener | for Health Services to Schools

SchoolScreener® manages and automates all requirements for a range of wide-area health programmes, delivered typically in schools. These include:

  • vision screening;
  • hearing screening;
  • BMI data collection (known as the National Child Measurement Programme in England, NCMP);
  • immunisation campaigns; and
  • health needs assessments.

Functionality includes an online Parent Portal for communication and consent, fully automated administration, stakeholder reports and audit. All versions apart from online health questionnaires can work offline as well as online, with synchronisation once internet service is available.


Workscreener® provides vital health information to employers of all types, private sector and public, large and small. Using Thomson Screening technology, WorkScreener® automates vision and hearing screening of new recruits and existing employees. Also, health needs questionnaires. It helps to ensure a safe workforce that’s capable of handling the tasks assigned.


Also, WorkScreener® has a COVID-19 Isolation Checkerand a Stress Factor Checker. These products help employers to understand staff availability and capability for work.


Thomson Screening received a UK Governmant grant, specifically to develop the WorkScreener® COVID-19 Test Manager. The funding has allowed accelerated development of the product. It provides a single platform to easily manage PCR and antibody test data from multiple providers.

NHS England Logo
NHS England have said the following in reference to Thomson Screening and SchoolScreener® when promoting us to international markets: ‘Supporting clinical collaboration … improving patient outcomes across the UK … transforming the delivery of health and care’.
City, University of London

We’re actively seeking distribution partners around the world, to satisfy growing global demand for the products of both brands. Interested parties should contact us without delay.