Benefits for School Nurses and Screeners

Click here for a Panel discussion/Q&A with an Orthoptist and Public Health Nurses on how they use SchoolScreener software to manage screening in their areas.

The bottom line:

  • Do you ever wish there was a more efficient way of checking vision and hearing in schools?
  • Do you spend hours writing letters and reports for parents after visiting a school?
  • Do you wish you knew what happened to the children with vision and hearing problems that you detect?

The wait is over!

If you are working for a Local Authority providing screening services in a number of schools, the School Screener would be the system of choice.

If you work in a single school or a small number of schools, you could load 2See onto a laptop.

Both systems takes all the hard work of screening. The child-friendly software makes screening fun for the children (and you!) while providing accurate results. The software manages all the back office task producing beautiful personalised letters and reports in seconds.


“I used to spend a day screening and then three days on the admin. The admin now takes minutes freeing me up to do what I was trained for – dealing with children.”
“I can complete a vision check in under 3 minutes. All the results are saved automatically making the process far quicker and much more secure.”


On the front line

School nurses and screeners are the most important people in the screening process! The accuracy of results is largely dependent on your ability to engage the children and perform the tests systematically and thoroughly.

In the past, nurses and screeners have had to manage with crude and outdated equipment. An old Snellen chart pinned to the door at the end of the corridor perhaps?

The School Screener and SchoolScreener EZ bring school health screening into the 21st century and frees you up to do what you trained for rather than admin.

The software can be loaded onto a laptop. As the children arrive you simply select their name from the list on the screen. A cartoon bear engages the child and the instructions can be “spoken” by the computer in twenty or so different languages.

For vision screening, the child views the screen from 3 metres and reads the letters on the screen while you simply record the number that they read correctly with each eye. The scoring is done automatically and the results are saved securely on the laptop. The vision screening takes about 3 minutes per child.


Bear with headphones

A hearing screening module is also available for School Screener using our bespoke audiometer (the size of a spectacle case) which simply plugs into the laptop.  The software uses a simple game to engages children in the hearing test.

The best bit is that both SchoolScreener EZ and the School Screener automatically produce personalised letters!

Your job may be finished at this stage but the software then monitors the child’s progress through the pathway producing reminder letters, audits and much more.