Subscription Service


Subscription Service

The Thomson C-19 Business Toolkit is a unique, new online subscription service for SMEs. It’s designed to ensure you’re always informed, up-to-date and able to plan, then work effectively around COVID-19.

A 6-month subscription service, it’s informative, interesting and inexpensive. Your staff can earn CPD accreditation, if required, as well. 

The C-19 Business Toolkit sorts the facts from the fake news. Learn how COVID-19 is transmitted, the effectiveness of different measures and how to optimise operations within your business.



Our knowledge of COVID-19 is evolving continuously. Unfortunately, not everything we read about it is accurate or relevant. Even in the mainstream media. ‘Fake news’ to promote a particular perspective or prejudice; clickbait scare stories. They’re everywhere.

There’s lots of Government advice: hundreds of guidance notes and directives to different business sectors. 

The Thomson C-19 Business Toolkit cuts through the clutter.

Maybe your staff have been working from home but to get full efficiency back you need them in the office. Or maybe the nature of your business means that you can’t work remotely. Whatever the reason, your workspace and operations require re-organising.

Now’s your chance to step back, keep up-to-date with the latest knowledge and optimise your day-to-day operations. Refine the changes and continuously evolve. Keep your business moving.

It’s no longer about simply following official guidelines. Leadership teams have to interpret the wealth of information out there and adapt to local circumstances and environments. Decisions need to be informed decisions.


Thomson Screening have worked with subject matter experts to bring you a range of services. It’s our mission to keep you informed, up-to-date and armed with the tools to enable you to do your jobs safely.

It all starts with low-cost, CPD-accredited online training: this is your Coronavirus 101. It’s a factual understanding of COVID-19, myth-busting, so you can organise effectively and efficiently.

Key areas covered include:

  • About COVID-19 and how it transmits.
  • Preparing for any COVID-19 eventuality.
  • Practical steps to take in order to protect staff and visitors.
  • Markers you need to use to monitor the situation.
  • Review and assessment.

The Coronavirus 101 online training and assessment are designed to take around 90 minutes to complete. It can be taken in a single session or multiple sessions.

After that, you’ll have access to a risk assessment template, our curated knowledgebase, regular webinars, email support from the doctors behind the content and live Q&A sessions with them, too.

So, the online training and content gives you the generic knowledge to be able to plan and manage your firm’s response to COVID-19. The access to the doctors behind the content allows you to ask questions that are specific to your needs and circumstances.


This online service is designed for any member of staff in any business. Leadership teams, middle management, administrators. In particular:

We recommend that a minimum of TWO members of staff take this course. They can then share some or all of its content with colleagues, as they see fit.


Choose between the standard subscription with a Coronavirus 101 assessment and certificate of completion, or with CPD accreditation. Complete the short enrolment form. Once submitted, that takes you to a secure payment portal (Stripe) where you’ll need to make your first payment by card.
Then you’ll receive confirmation of payment receipt and be able to access all of the materials.

C-19 Business Toolkit + Certificate

6-month Subscription
£ 49 + VAT, per month
  • Coronavirus 101 Training
  • Online Assessment
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Risk Assessment Template
  • Curated Knowledgebase
  • Regular Webinars
  • Q&A with Clinicians
  • Email Support from Doctors

C-19 Business Toolkit + CPD

6-month Subscription
£ 59 + VAT, per month
  • Coronavirus 101 Training
  • Online Assessment
  • CPD Accredited Points
  • Risk Assessment Template
  • Curated Knowledgebase
  • Regular Webinars
  • Q&A with Clinicians
  • Email Support from Doctors


The C-19 Business Toolkit programme enables the safety leads at participating businesses to be:


Our medical experts are both surgeons who’ve been at the sharp-end of dealing with the pandemic in hospitals. They have experience at a national level in healthcare, safety and regulation. This includes participation on Process C19, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Care Quality Commission and the Intensive Care Society’s expert group for ‘Responding to COVID-19 and Beyond’.

Thomson Screening’s SchoolScreener® and WorkScreener® software has been used in healthcare, education and commercial settings since 2011. It’s used in the management of immunisation programmes, online health needs assessments, health data reporting, vision and hearing screening programmes.


Once you’ve taken the training, you can share its content, although not the assessments or CPD points, with colleagues.

There’s also a range of additional options available, including:

  • discounted access to consultancy services from our medical experts;
  • access to and usage of Isolation Checker and Test Manager software;
  • access to discounted test providers.


The first step is to enrol.