SchoolscreenerEZ: How it works

Installing the software

SchoolScreenerEZ can be installed on a laptop of desktop PC (running Windows 7 or later).

Add a child

SchoolScreenerEZ includes a powerful database.  Select Add child and enter the child’s details or import a whole class in one batch.


Start vision testing

Select the child’s name from the list and select Eye test.


Visual Acuity test

Carefully sized letters are displayed on the screen while an animated bear explains what to do – he speaks 27 languages!

The child covers one eye and stands at 3 metres form the screen and is asked to read the letters.  The tester records the number of letters correctly read.  If the child cannot read all the letters, the letters get larger and the process is repeated until they are all correctly identified.  This is then repeated for the other eye.


Long-sightedness test

The child puts on a pair of special glasses which should make everything look blurred.  However, if the child is significantly long-sighted they will still be able to read the letters.


Report generation

And that’s it – a vision test usually takes less than 3 minutes per child and yet will detect most common eye conditions.

At the end of the test, a personalised letter is automatically generated for the child’s parents or carers.  The wording and format of this letter can be modified to meet your exact requirements.  This means that you can test a whole class and have letters ready to give to the parents in just a couple of hours!



Height and weight

SchoolScreenerEZ also includes a utility for calculating BMI (Body Mass Index) and generating reports for parents / carers.

Simply select the child’s name and select Growth. Enter the child’s height and weight and click on Save.

A report for the child’s parents/cares (including a BMI graph if required) is generated automatically.