School Screener: How it works

Click here for a Panel discussion/Q&A with an Orthoptist and Public Health Nurses on how they use SchoolScreener software to manage screening in their areas.


Central Server: You provide us with a list of schools in your area and if possible the class lists for year 1. We upload these to our secure server in the cloud.

The school nurse or screener downloads our user-friendly screening app and installs it on a laptop.  Each screener is given a secure user name and password and then logs in to download a list of all the children they have been assigned to screen.


The screener then takes the laptop to the school to perform the screening.  They select the child’s name from the list that has been previously downloaded and simply start screening!

The screener sets up the laptop on a desk and measures out a distances of about 3 metres.  The child views a variety of tests on the laptop screen – all scaled to the correct size and presented in a fun and engaging way . The software will also explain what to do in multiple languages.

The software measures monocular crowded LogMAR visual acuity and optionally performs a +2.50DS blur test to detect significant longsightedness. This 3 minute test detects all the target conditions with sensitivity and specificity in excess of 95%. The automatic scoring and recording simplifies the task for the screeners and eliminates transcription errors. Screening has never been easier!
Hearing screening: Plug a box the size of a spectacle case into your laptop and you have a powerful computerised audiometer. The child wears calibrated headphones and points at the “cartoon character that squeaks”. While they do this the software performs a pure tone audiometry screening!


Height and Weight measurement: The software allows you to rapidly record the height and weight of each child.


Job done (for the screener): For the screener, that is job done – well almost. The screener needs to connect to the internet and click on Sync. The data stored on the laptop is then sent via a secure encrypted connection back to the database in the cloud.

Your virtual administrator: This is the clever bit. Our software will then automatically analyse the data and generate beautiful customised reports for the parents of each child.

Within a couple of minutes you will receive an email telling you that your reports are ready. All you need to do is log-in and print the letters …. or if you prefer, we will print them for you and send them directly to the school in individual envelopes.

But it does not end there! There is no point screening in the first place unless those with poor vision or hearing receive the treatment that they require.

Our software allows the clinician at the referral clinic to log-in to view the screening results and more importantly, to :

  • Confirm that each child has attended the referral clinic
  • Note whether it was a good referral (true positive or false positive)
  • Note what treatment or intervention is being recommended for each child
Eye exam
Real time audit: This means that at any moment in time you know exactly how many children in you area have been screened, how many have passed and how many have failed. Of those who have failed, you know how many have had a secondary examination and how many of these were true positives and how many were false positives.

In other words, you are in complete control!