Benefits for Optometrist and Opticians

Click here for a Panel discussion/Q&A with an Orthoptist and Public Health Nurses on how they use SchoolScreener software to manage screening in their areas.

The bottom line:

  • A vision screening programme usually involves a variety of clinicians including orthoptists, optometrists and ophthalmologists.
  • All play a vital role in ensuring that children with vision problems are reliably detected and receive the appropriate management or intervention.
  • An increasing number of Local Authorities are using our School Screener software and Optometrists are likely to be involved in seeing some of the children who are referred for an eye examination as a result of the vision screening

Eye exam

A new opportunity for Optometrists and Opticians

NHS guidelines recommend that Local Authorities provide vision screening for all children on school entry at the age of 4/5 years.  The reality is that many Local Authorities do not provide any form of school screening and even where the service is provided, the quality is often poor.

Furthermore, the Local Authority is only obliged to provide a single screening on school entry which means that children do not receive any form of vision check thereafter unless their parents take them for eye examinations.

School ScreenerEZ provides a new opportunity for practices with an interest in children to develop links with local schools.  Two models are beginning to emerge.

Model 1: Providing a screening service in schools

  • Using School ScreenerEZ, Opticians / Optometrists provide a screening service for schools.
  • Member of staff supervised by an Optometristst visits local schools and uses School ScreenerEZ on a laptop to perform vision screening
  • Up to 70 children/ day can be screened
  • Letters for parents are genererated automatically
  • Opticians may charge for this service or may consider that the service reaps sufficient benefits in terms of goodwill and referrals.

Model 2: Become an ambassador for School ScreenerEZ

  • School ScreenerEZ is being used increasingly in schools
  • While schools can see the benefits of identifying children with vision problems before remedial work is required, many like to have the backup of a local eye care expert
  • By joining our ambassador scheme we will link you with local schools using the School ScreenerEZ system
  • Ambassadors may be called upon to provide basic training and support
  • The ambassador scheme provides an ideal opportunity for Optical practices to form links with local schools
  • A link to participating practices will be included on the website.

The ambassador scheme will be launched later this year.  Please send us an email if you are interested in getting involved.