Parent Portal for SchoolScreener Imms

The Parent Portal available with SchoolScreener Imms is the best way to communicate with parents nowadays. It means you can eliminate the use of paper forms and leaflets, which is safer as it reduces the likelihood of virus transmission. It also speeds up the process of obtaining consent from parents, through the electronic consent mechanism, or eConsent.

It’s GDPR-compliant, so parent and child personal data is safer, too.

This video is available to send to parents, to explain what the new processes are and how much better they are than traditional methods.

In addition, we have a video for use by 0-19 Healthy Child Programme Providers when discussing the new ways of working with the local schools in their district. And a 20-minute video walk-through of the product, its use and how to get the most from it.


See also the videos used with SchoolScreener® Health Needs, for parents and schools. Also a 20-minute video walkthrough of what the product is and how it improves the understanding of child health needs through online eQuestionnaires.

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