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SchoolScreener® Imms, our immunisation module, has been developed to make it easier to keep track of each child’s status in a vaccination programme. Childhood vaccinations have increased significantly in the last decade, especially with the extension of the childhood flu programme. It’s a big job to ensure that nobody misses out. SchoolScreener® Imms allows you to:

  • Keep track of who has consent with the help of eConsent;
  • See who has been removed from the programme as they are not suitable;
  • Check who’s been deferred owing to absence or illness on the day of administration.


Nobody’s Missed Out

Keeping track of paper consents is a time consuming job. First, a member of the team has to take the consent forms to school, the school then have to send them out to parents, the parent fills it in and the child/ parent has to return it to school. Then a member of the team has to return to school to collect the consents. This paper travels a long way and can lead to a child missing out because:

  • A lost consent form


  • Child moving school
SchoolScreener Imms | Nobody Missed Out
Ensure Nobody’s Missed Out

SchoolScreener® Imms automates end-to-end management of your immunisation campaigns to ensure nobody misses out. With the use of eConsent you have the ability to overview the cohort and track who has or hasn’t filled in a consent form without having to deliver or collect paper forms from school. These paper forms can sometimes get lost from the time the parent fills them in to the time they reach the Immunisation teams, eConsent is safer, quicker and more time efficient which leaves more time to follow up on the consents which have not been returned. This frees up more time for the Immunisation teams to ensure nobody misses out.

If a child moves school the administration of this in the SchoolScreener is a simple step ensuring that the child is listed in the correct school and ensuring they don’t miss out due to administration.



SchoolScreener® Imms allows you to plan effectively for:

  • Shortages of vaccine
  • Ordering of vaccine for Immunisation sessions

SchoolScreener® Imms can also help you plan in the event of shortages. This is because you know who, where and how many children are left in the programme. The system provides a great overview of your whole programme. This allows you to plan the most effective distribution of vaccines.

The school/cohort overview also allows for effective ordering of vaccines for your immunisation sessions.


In conclusion, there are many factors that can lead to a child missing out on a vaccination but with effective systems in place to track the status of a group of children it is easier and more time effective to ensure nobody misses out.

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