School Screener: What is it?

Few would argue that children who cannot see or hear properly will be disadvantaged in the classroom. Research suggests that approximately 15% of school children have a vision problem and a further 20% some hearing loss. Even in schools where screening is provided, this is usually limited to a single screening on school entry, so children developing vision of hearing problems subsequently, may well go undetected.

The longer problems go undetected, the more a child’s social and educational development is likely to be impacted. This in turn places greater demands on school remedial support resources.

School Screener, developed at City University London, is designed to manage the entire school screening process including obtaining parental consent, performing a range of vision and hearing tests, analyzing results, producing personalised reports for parents/carers, maintaining a database of screening test results, auditing the screening process and exporting the data for further analysis.


Screening process overview

The bottom line:

  • Would you like to offer the highest quality vision and hearing screening?
  • Would you like to provide parents with customised reports of the results?
  • Would you like to ensure that all children with vision and hearing problems are followed through the pathway and get the intervention they need?
  • Would you like real time audit data showing how well the screening programme is doing?
  • Would you like to do all this for a fraction of the cost of conventional methods?We have the solution for you!

The rationale

NHS guidelines recommend that all children should be screened during their first year at school. However, surveys by the RNIB and WHICH Magazine have shown that at least a third of children in England are not currently tested. Even where a screening programme is in place, the methods are often variable and children are rarely followed through the referral pathway.

The School Screener system provides an efficient and cost effective tool to help you implement a vision and hearing screening programme in your area. The system can also be used to collect height and weight data.

No clinical knowledge is needed to use the School Screener; the software manages the full screening process from initial screening, administration (including personalised letters to parents/carers), management of the referral pathway and feedback to schools. Managers have access to detailed management information and audit allowing timely interventions and decision making on resource allocation and quality control.

Fewer false positives saves costs in secondary care and saves time for clinicians, children and their parents.

The software fully conforms with the requirements and protocols of the NHS National Screening Committee and can be customised to meet your exact requirements.

We would be delighted to arrange for a demonstration of this radical solution. You will not be disappointed.

“The School Screener Software has substantially improved the effectiveness of school screening with benefits for children’s development and cost savings for Special Needs”
“Over the past year Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust has used the School Screener software to manage vision screening for all reception age children in the county.
“The software has proved easy to use and delivered benefits rapidly, enabling Band 2s to successfully deliver screening across the county and improving the team’s efficiency and effectiveness through the software managing testing, administration, pathway management and audit. As a result, the Trust has now decided to extend use of the School Screener software, agreeing a three-year contract to include hearing and BMI screening in addition to vision, for all reception children.”
Debbie Winter-Taylor, public health nursing lead